Reef Candy Lures is adding more to your arsenal! I am adding more unique lures to the Reef Candy line. What makes these lures special? Limited's are a small batch of lures that may or may not be made for a while. Each lure will be unique to its own.

The lures that will be released, will have a more realistic look to them. Each lure is hand carved to give their own look. The lure head will be detailed enough to show the characteristic. Eyes socket will be recessed and inserted with 4D eyes. Gill plates will be noticeable. Pectoral and pelvic fins will be recessed and inlayed with abalone shells. The lateral line will be distinctive under the layers of paint and resin. I am not sure on color scheme yet, but it will be different from the rest of the Reef Candy line. 

Every part of the lures will have its own detailed version from one another. I will be only making 4 or 5 in this small run of limited's. Each lure will be number to its own batch and have its own custom case for the finishing touches followed by a card of authenticity. 

These lure will be for sale sometime in the future. Release date is unknown. Keep an eye out for these eye candies!  

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