New Lures coming

Aloha all!

New lure to be released in a couple weeks. Projected date will be May 1st. Runts is the new lure going into production. Runts are more of a traditional looking stickbait. The swim pattern is a tight side to side swim action on a moderate retrieve, twitching the rod and it will open up the the swim pattern into a Z or gliding pattern. The hardware used on the Runts to achieve the swim patterns are, BKK 2/O Raptor trebles on the belly and tail with size 6 BKK split rings. I also used BKK 5/0 Diablo inline hooks on belly and tail. This setup will open up the swim pattern. A few videos will be released on my instagram page before the release. 

I am currently working on new lures designs. Lures are in the prototype phases. Working on a pencil popper and duck bill type stickbait. I am really excited to release these new lures. Release will be end of May. 

For all you ultralight fishermen I have been working on a 10 to 15 gram stickbait lure. Still in prototype phase. Release will be TBA. So keep an eye out for the release.

I am planning to discontinue "Dig", the pencil popper will be replacing it as will the the new duck bill type stickbait. There will be a limited amount of Dig that will go into production. After the last batch of Dig is made, it will be discontinued. 



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